Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Think Before You Act

When I was in college I developed a lot of strange habits, and rituals around a lot of different things. Some of them I have broken out of, and some I do instinctively, even a year and a half later. One of which involved elevators. Every where I went I seemed to be surrounded by them. My sociology professors always encouraged us to to strange things in elevators and watch how people behave differently when someone in society breaks out of the social norms (we did a great class experiment on this....but that is a story for a different time).

Anyway. Somewhere in this mix I got this brilliant idea to stand really close to the door, when inside the elevator and practically press my nose against the crack where the two sides of the door meet. I then focus my eyes really closely on the crack in the door. The best part is, when the door opens (and it ALWAYS opens) your eyes go totally haywire...because they don't know what to do. It's really an interesting thing, really, I'm not just a big weirdo. Generally speaking I only did this when I was either alone in the elevator, or when it was so crowded that no one noticed I was doing what I was doing. In the chance that there were people on the other side of it was almost alway certain that they were chatting or looking at fliers on the wall...or something, and didn't notice my little trick. Whereas, people on the inside of the elevator are ALWAYS facing out, toward the door, ready to escape in mass exodus form (this will come into play later).

So tonight I was in the new hall with Maria waiting for the elevator to take us downstairs, and for some reason I decided that I should press my nose against the OUTSIDE of the door while we waited for it to come up and retrieve us. I clearly wasn't thinking....because here comes the elevator and sure enough their are people inside. Several people, all staring at the elevator doors, ready to leave. I was really embarrassed and in the way of their departure and didn't know what to do at that point. So I just ran into the elevator and faced the wall (not the door) until they all got out, so I wouldn't have to see them. Maria, who didn't notice the nose to the door thing, just thought it was strange that I barreled by them all to get in, without letting them leave first.

Just imagine for a moment what you would think if you were inside the elevator, and when the doors open there was a person standing DIRECTLY on the other side of the door...right in the middle.

Oooooh, proper etiquette, generally not my strong suit.

Later days (but hopefully not later nights, it's already past my bed time.)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Stille Nacht

So I spent the majority of the day cleaning, doing laundry, and running errands. Around 5 I decided to take a break and run to Rite-Aid to pick up some Halloween candy. It was so nice outside, a real fall day. I shuffled through the leaves, and took deep breaths of cold air. I rocked out to my iPod. When I got to the store I hit the pause button on my iPod, as I usually do, finding it difficult to concentrate on too many things at the same time. Plus, the store was playing Fergie's Big Girls Don't Cry....and I couldn't help but divert my attention to that.

So I'm wandering around the store, looking for the best deals, and peanut butter M&M's (which they apparently don't sell ANYWHERE), when I get really confused. I SWEAR I can hear Silent Night playing in the store (along with Fergie). I assume it's my iPod and hit pause once again, and it disappears. I keep looking around picking up two-eight packs of delicious Halloween goodness and AGAIN hear Silent Night. This is when I realize that either I'm totally insane, or I'm incapable of hitting the pause button, so I inspect the iPod. Turns out the device was on "hold" so I was hitting pause but it wasn't doing anything, and the volume was just low enough that I couldn't hear it most of the time. Ok...crisis averted.

Fast forward a couple minutes, and picture it: I am walking down Congress Street, back to my apartment, with a bit of a spring in my step, because I am enjoying the day. I am wearing my Life is Good Pumpkin hat, and swinging a bag full of candy from side to side as I shuffle through the crunchy leaves that have fallen onto the sidewalk. I turn the iPod back on, and start the last played song over again, so I can hear it from the beginning. I continue down the street and notice people giving me weird looks, but I'm not sure why...until...I realize that I am singing Silent Night, loudly...in German, as I go. Apparently, this is an unusual occurrence....who knew.

I guess I become totally oblivious when I turn the iPod on...

Reason number 523 not to use it when I ride my bike. I think I would get hurt.

Later Days,