Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Does Elmo Need a Ticket?

Last weekend I took a bus to Vermont to visit a friend. I love the bus, because what is a 3 hour car ride becomes a 7 hour bus ride. AND, when riding the sketchy bus (the Greyhound) there are no movies to pass the time, the only entertainment they provide are the passengers themselves, and trust me, most of the time that is worth more than a movie rental.

When I boarded the bus in Boston on Monday and watched this middle aged lady sitting across from me stuff all of her belongings into the overhead compartment. Everything, that is except for a small plastic GAP bag with a tie on the top. She took that bag and stood it up right in the seat next to her very carefully. She was treating that bag with such care, I suspected she would buckle the bag in, if she was given the chance.

Anyway, I was busy playing this game where I pretend to be unfriendly, so that no one else will sit with me. I had my stuff spread all out, my headphones were on (to make it look like I was listening to my iPod even though my battery had died), I was fiddling with my cell phone. Everyone else had just about settled in when I heard this strange high pitched voice. I didn't sound human, I looked around, and the only kid on the bus was a 4 year old playing with a toy gun. No muppet-ish voices coming from that direction.

So I sat back down, and heard it again, this time in the form of an evil laughter "hahahaha". I look around again to see where it was coming from, this time the lady with the GAP bag looks at me and smiles. At that point I started to wonder what in the world was going on. So watched the lady. She was just sitting there, not touching anything and the voice goes off for a third time. I must have had a strange look on my face, because she turned, and looked at me and said "Don't worry dear, it's just my Elmo," as she motioned to the bag. WHAT??

Apparently, she had a talking Elmo doll in the GAP bag, she offered no other explanation, and the thing kept talking through our journey, but I didn't question it again.

The question of the day is...Does Elmo need a ticket to ride the greyhound? Something to ponder.

Later Days,